Grant Request Guidelines

Eligible Grant Requests

What types of programs are eligible for funding consideration by the Smith & Nephew Grants Review Committee?

Smith & Nephew Charitable Donations are focused on social, education, and community programs. Only nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the IRS as tax exempt public charities under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1), (2), (3) will be considered for donations.

Financial grants are available for defined medical or scientific education programs including accredited and non-accredited CME/CE submitted by third-party providers but not limited to:

  • Healthcare provider (HCP) education.
  • Patient, caregiver/family advocacy and education.

Medical or scientific education can also include material developed, printed, presented or distributed to HCPs, patients, or caregivers/families.

What types of programs/activities are not eligible for funding consideration by the Grants Review Committee directly through this website?

Funding requests unrelated to the objective of medical education, social, education, or community programs such as:

  • Advertising, exhibit and display fees.
  • Investigator-Initiated Trials.

Eligible Medical Education Program Sponsors
Who are eligible program sponsors?

Eligible program sponsors are third-party providers of medical or scientific educational programs and include, but are not limited to, accredited and non-accredited CME/CE providers, not-for-profit charities, associations, patient advocacy groups, foundations and societies, institutions, hospitals, and managed care organizations.

Who are ineligible program sponsors?

Ineligible program sponsors include, but are not limited to, individual healthcare providers, group practices, physician practice management companies, provider medical groups, or any commercial publishers which are not also accredited as CME providers.

Therapeutic Focus

In which therapeutic areas of interest will Smith & Nephew accept grant requests?

While the Grants Review Committee will consider funding activities and initiatives in a variety of therapeutic areas, priority will be given to those in the following areas:

  • Wound Care.
  • Incontinent Care.
  • Skin Care.

For a more detailed list of CME/CE areas of interest, please visit the Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics website.

Selected Criteria/Requirements

What are some of the criteria used to determine funding?

All medical education program proposals are reviewed by the Grants Review Committee to determine if the proposed medical education program is scientifically rigorous, fair and balanced.

  • All accredited programs must fully comply with ACCME or similar guidelines.
  • Non-accredited programs remain eligible for support if the program is scientifically sound and balanced and if they comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Any supportable medical education conference or meeting must be an activity, held at an appropriate location where the gathering is primarily dedicated, in both time and effort, to furthering objective scientific and education activities and discourse. The main incentive for bringing attendees together is to further their knowledge on the topic(s) being presented.
  • Program must adhere to the PhRMA guidelines and the Advamed Code of Ethics.

What are some requests that cannot be supported through a Smith & Nephew medical education grant?

Support of any promotional activities and/or where Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics selects the speaker or the content of the program (e.g., Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics sponsored speakers programs, “lunch-and-learn” programs, branded Grand Rounds).

  • Medical education grants for undefined programs are strictly prohibited.
  • Direct financial support (e.g., registration fees, travel expenses) for any non-faculty participants attending the medical education event or indirectly through the third-party provider of medical education.
  • Payments to individuals for any educational activity or program.
  • Costs associated with funding or sponsorship of only meals at a CME conference.
  • Costs associated with display space, table top fees or exhibit booths. These costs may not be included in the medical education grant request.
  • Programs that plan to use Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics personnel as speakers or consultants.
  • Recreational events or entertainment for meeting attendees.